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Nassau > 792u1

Field Day T-Shirts - Nassau - clas-792u1

New Class Emblem > 628n3

Field Day T-Shirts - New Class Emblem - idea-628n3

Field Day is Good > 452f1

Field Day T-Shirts - Field Day is Good - desn-452f1

Kickin it Old School > 537l3

Field Day T-Shirts -Kickin it Old School - cool-537l3

Super Crest  > 781t1

Field Day T-Shirts - Super Crest - clas-781t1

Go Play Outside > 919g1

Field Day T-Shirts - Go Play Outside - cool-919g1

Words > 956f1

Field Day T-Shirts - Words - clas-956f1

All Star Leader > 327n9

Field Day T-Shirts - All Star Leader - desn-327n9

Random Words > 268h4

Field Day T-Shirts - Random Words - desn-268h4

Confusion > 570d4

Field Day T-Shirts - Confusion - clas-570d4

Mascot Rings > 521m1

Field Day T-Shirts - Mascot Rings - cool-521m1

Stars and Stripes Circle > 236s1

Field Day T-Shirts - Stars and Stripes Circle - idea-236s1

Field Day Sneakers > 905g1

Field Day Shirts - Field Day Sneakers - desn-905g1

Field Sports > 461f1

Field Day Shirts - Field Sports - desn-461f1

Army Style > 609a6

Field Day Shirts - Army Style - cool-609a6

PE Ring > 2652p1

Field Day Shirts - PE Ring - idea-652p1

Pacman Class > 824p7

Field Day Shirts - Pacman Class - desn-824p7

Field Day of America > 614f5

Field Day Shirts -Field Day of America - cool-614f5

Funky Stars > 382h3

Field Day Shirts - Funky Stars - clas-382h3

Sixties Vintage > 769w5

Field Day Shirts - Sixties Vintage - clas-769w5

Field Day Dreamin > 234f1

Field Day Shirts - Field Day Dreamin - idea-234f1

Is it in you > 893i4

Field Day Shirts - Is it in you - desn-893i4

Field Day Force > 528f1

Field Day Shirts - Field Day Force - cool-528f1

Cap Spirit > 750c5

Field Day Shirts - Cap Spirit - desn-750c5

Field Day Balance > 651f1

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Field Day Balance - idea-651f1

Field Stuff > 235f4

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Field Stuff - idea-235f4

Glow Camp > 473g8

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Glow Camp - desn-473g8

Rockin > 801s2

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Rockin - clas-801s2

Crew Wars > 968c7

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Crew Wars - desn-968c7

Cool Field Day > 239c1

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Cool Field Day - idea-239c1

Splat > 524u9

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Splat - clas-524u9

Eagle Field Day > 92e4

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Eagle Field Day - cool-92e4

Wild About > 925w7

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Wild About - desn-925w7

Field Day Olympiad > 553f4

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Field Day Olympiad - cool-553f4

Vintage Day > 653v1

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - Vintage Day - idea-653v1

One Spirit > 738q3

Field Day T-Shirt Designs - One Spirit - cool-738q3

Field Day Sport > 526f1

Field Day Shirt Designs - Field Day Sport - cool-526f1

Field Day Superstar > 450f1

Field Day Shirt Designs - Field Day Superstar - desn-450f1

World Dial > 250w9

Field Day Shirt Designs - World Dial - clas-250w9

Message > 770n3

Field Day Shirt Designs - Message - clas-770n3

Water Medallion > 109w7

Field Day Shirt Designs - Water Medallion - desn-107w7

Jolly > 134j1

Field Day Shirt Designs - Jolly - clas-134j1

Fabulous Field Day > 892f6

Field Day Shirt Designs - Fabulous Field Day - desn-892f6

Cursive Retro > 568c4

Field Day Shirt Designs - Cursive Retro - idea-568c4

Life Slogans > 634o2

Field Day Shirt Designs - Life Slogans - desn-634o2

We Came To Play > 531w1

Field Day Shirt Designs - We Came To Play - cool-531w1

Sport Ball Ring > 237s1

Field Day Shirt Designs - Sport Ball Ring - idea-237s1

Aloha Athletics > 831d9

Field Day Shirt Designs - Aloha Athletics - clas-831d9

IZA Design has been helping schools with their Field Day shirts since 1987. 

To start, you can select from one of our design templates or send us one of your own.

An artist will help to customize your design with your colors, mascot, and or slogan.

In addition, we'll send you a design preview showing you what your shirt will look like (helpful when using different shirt colors).

We'll make this easy!   

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Cute Field Day Shirt Designs

If you prefer to go CUTE with your Field Day Theme, then you'll love these cute designs that are guaranteed to make you smile! 

Live to Play > 541l1

Cute Field Day Shirts - Live to Play - cool-541l1

Amazing Field Day > 238a1

Cute Field Day Shirts -Amazing Field Day - idea-238a1

With My Peeps > 542w5

Cute Field Day Shirts - With My Peeps - cool-542w5

Field Day is Awesome > 522f3

Cute Field Day Shirts - Field Day is Awesome - cool-522f3

Emoji Fun > 530e1

Cute Field Day Shirts - Emoji Fun - cool-530e1

Vintage Smiley Face > 533v1

Cute Field Day Shirts - Vintage Smiley Face - cool-533v1

Cougar Champ > 168c2

Cute Field Day Shirts - Cougar Champ - cool-168c2

All Stars on Field Day > 536a1

Cute Field Day Shirts - All Stars on Field Day - cool-536a1

Field Day Rocks > 636f2

Cute Field Day Shirts - Field Day Rocks - cool-636f2

Fun Sun > 280f2

Cute Field Day Shirts - Fun Sun - desn-280f2

Have a Nice Field Day > 780h3

Cute Field Day Shirts - Have a Nice Field Day - desn-780h3

Happy Camper > 655h6

Cute Field Day Shirts - Happy Camper - desn-655h6

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Top 16 Field Day Shirt Designs (2024)

Field day is an event that children across the country look forward to every year. School field day events give children the opportunity to enjoy a fun time in the sun with their friends.

It also allows them to release all their pent-up energy through constructive activities monitored by adults- a win-win for children and teachers alike!

The memories that your students make at their school’s annual field day will stay with them for years to come as one of the most memorable parts of their elementary school experience.

And what better way to celebrate those joyful memories than with a fun custom field day shirts? Giving your students a custom t shirt that reflects their individual personalities is a great way to show them that you care.

We offer a wide variety of field day shirt ideas, so you are sure to find that one to please any class of elementary schoolers.

16.  Field Day Success

Our “Field Day Success” logo features a gold medal – placed perfectly to look like it hangs around the wearer’s neck. This field day logo is ideal for any kid who aspires for the gold in any area of their life.

The shirt also features the year of your event, a few field day events – Kickball, Sack Race, and Tug-A-War, along with the classic starting block phrase “Ready, Set, Go!!!”

15.  Play Outside Logo

Our “Play Outside Logo” features two snow-capped mountain tops and is a great option for any school located in or near the mountains.

Or, if you don’t live near the mountains, a perfect field day theme could be the use of the mountain as a summit or an aspiration to climb higher and achieve your goals.

The words “Play Outside” are front and center on this field day logo. Any kid would love to look back on their fun day with a t shirt reminding them

of their field day theme or the beautiful geography of where they live.

14.  Field Day Superstar

The “Field Day Superstar” logo is another fun and playful choice to commemorate your students’ Field Day event.

The layered stars provide a fun and stylish background to the t shirt design and the sneaker graphic in the center evokes memories of running and playing outside with friends.

We also include a “Fun in the Sun!” slogan to really capture the essence of what Field Day is all about.

13.  We Came to Play

Our “We Came to Play’ t shirt design is a bold and eye-catching choice for a kid with a spunky personality. The block letter slogan is front and center, showing exactly where your priorities lie.

The fun paint splatter background adds a splash of character to the t shirt. Paired with the goofy and stylish sun graphic, this field day theme t shirt is sure to be a winner with kids everywhere.

12.  Funky Stars

The “Funky Stars” logo is a fun and exciting design for your students’ field day shirt.

The Field Day graphic along with your elementary school name are pictured to burst out of the stars in the background, a fun visual that keeps the event name front and center. 

11.  Field Day of America

Our “Field Day of America” t shirt design is a nod to Marvel Comic’s Captain America. With the unmistakable shield featuring a star in the center and the red, white, and blue American flag colors,

any kid will be excited to feel like a superhero on the day of their event and for years to come.

You can complete your field day theme with other aspects or challenges related to Captain America to make sure every kid walks away feeling invincible at this year’s field day.

10.  Fun Sun in the Sun!

Our “Fun in the Sun” field day t shirt design is a bright and colorful option that is ideal for kids who love to be outdoors.

This shirt design can also serve as the field day theme for this year's big event.

The tropical flowers and palm trees in the background evoke memories of warm summer and spring days.

The different fonts add even more personality to this exciting design, which is personalized with your school name.

9.  We Are Energized!

Our “We Are Energized!” field day shirt is great for any kids who are boiling over with energy. It may be that all kids have this energy,

but the t shirt featuring a lightning bolt with the words “We Are Energized!” is the perfect match for the kid who seems to be filled with electricity and vigor.

8.  Field Day | The Official Sneaker Day

Our “Field Day Dreamin” is a bold and fun choice for your students’ field day t shirt. The large, retro style font is sure to attract attention, and the palm trees add a unique touch.

The shirt is completed with a banner spelling out the name of your child’s school to personalize the shirt.

7.  Live to Play

The “Live to Play” design is a sweet and sentimental choice for the class that just wants to have fun with friends and make good memories on Field Day.

It features a smiley face adorned with cool sunglasses as well as scattered stars to fill in the background of the shirt.

The alternating font colors make the design pop, and the shirt is completed with the name of your elementary school.

6.  Rockin

Our “Rockin” t shirt design is a great choice for the classroom with a bit of a rebellious streak.

Featuring black and white graphic and a black electric guitar, the shirt is the perfect balance between edginess and fun. Your little rock stars are sure to love this one.

5.  Super Crest

The “Super Crest” t shirt design is best for the kids who fancies themselves a superhero.

This unique design will remind your students of the comic book heroes they know and love while celebrating the Field Day event they look forward to every year.

The design is topped off with your school mascot name at the top of the crest to complete the year's field day theme.

4.  Retro Script Field Day

Our “Retro Script Field Day” t shirt design is groovy baby. It features a throwback style field day logo design reminiscent of the 1970s.

You can choose your field day theme to be retro and encourage kids to wear their shirts along with tall socks, bright colors,

sweatbands, and anything else to complete their look on the most fun and memorable day of the year.

3.  Kickin it Old School

Our “Kickin it Old School” t shirt design is perfect for kids with an old soul. It features a classic pair of old school sneaker emblazoned with the school year of your child’s field day.

The design is encircled by a the “Kickin it Old School” slogan as well as your elementary school name. 

2.  Random Words

The “Random Words” design is a cute and creative choice that sums up what field day is all about through a fun field day logo.

The shirt is packed with fun logos, activities and characteristics that are sure to get your class in the Field Day spirit. It also features the school mascot for your school as a fun, personal touch.

1.  Field Day is Good

Our “Field Day” shirt takes it back to the basics. Perfect for a laid-back group of students, it features a simple logo with an even simpler slogan: “Field Day is good”.

The simple design is complemented by a few fun touches, like the sneakers at the bottom and the school name underneath the logo.


All in all, gifting your students a custom Field Day shirt is a great way to ensure that their happy memories from their school field day will last a lifetime.

Our custom t shirts come in a wide variety of designs, so there is sure to be one that suits your classroom’s unique sense of style.

A custom t shirt is a gift that they can wear for years to come, and that they can look back on when they are all grown up to relive the sense of childlike wonder and carefreeness that they experienced back in their elementary school days.

As a teacher, the gift of fond memories is perhaps the most meaningful thing you can give a child and we are happy to provide you with the means to do it through our field day themed shirts.


Field Day Slogans or Themes for Schools

"Get ready to sweat and compete!"

"Sportsmanship, teamwork, and fun!"

"Field day: where champions are made."

"Come out and play!"

"Bring your A-game and get ready to have fun!"

"Let's get moving and have a blast!"

 "Unleash your inner athlete!"

"Come one, come all, and get ready to have a ball!"

"Bring your energy and get ready to shine!"

"Field day: where everyone's a winner!"

"Field day: where the fun is boundless!"

"Field day fun for everyone!"

"Bring on the sunshine and the games!"

"One day, one team, one goal: fun!"

"Field day: the ultimate team-building experience."

"Let the games begin!"

 "Field day: a day of friendship, teamwork, and outdoor fun."

"Join the adventure and make memories to last a lifetime."

"Ready, set, go for field day!"

"Field day: a day of adventure, competition, and camaraderie."

"Bring your best game face for field day!"

"Come one, come all to field day!"

"Field day: a day to celebrate our school community."

"Get ready to have a ball on field day!"

"Get active and have a blast at field day!"

"Field day: the ultimate outdoor adventure!"

"Go for the gold at field day!"

"Sweat it out and have a ball at field day!"

"Field day: the ultimate team building experience!"

"Bring your energy and let's make field day epic!"

"Get ready to shine at field day!"

"Field day: the ultimate celebration of athleticism and sportsmanship!"

"Get moving on field day!"

"Teamwork makes the dream work on field day!"

"Go for the win on field day!"

"Field day fever: catch it!"

"Sweat it out on field day!"

"Run, jump, and play on field day!"

"Field day champions in the making!"

"Field day fun for all ages!"

"Come out and play on field day!"

"Bring your A-game on field day!"

"Field day: where memories are made!"

"Field day: the ultimate playground!"

You can also consider incorporating a specific theme into your field day activities, such as a sports theme, a carnival theme, or a superhero theme.

This can add an extra element of excitement and help to engage students in the activities.

5 Field Day Logo Ideas

There are many different ways that you can create a field day logo, depending on the theme and style of your event. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1.  A simple and classic field day logo could be a circle or oval shape with the words "Field Day" in bold letters.

You could add a banner or ribbon around the edge of the circle to give it a more formal look.

2.  For a more energetic and playful field day logo, you could use vibrant colors and graphic elements such as stars or sports equipment.

You could also incorporate a silhouette of people participating in field day activities, such as running or playing sports.

3.  If you want to emphasize the teamwork and community aspect of field day, you could create a logo that features a group of people working together.

You could also use words or phrases that emphasize the importance of teamwork and unity, such as "Together we stand" or "Teamwork makes the dream work."

4.   For a more modern and sleek field day logo, you could use clean lines and simple shapes. You could also use a bold, sans-serif font to give your logo a more contemporary feel.

5.  You could also incorporate elements of nature into your field day logo, such as trees, flowers, or animals. This can add a sense of playfulness and whimsy to your design.

Remember to keep your field day logo simple and easy to read, and be sure to use colors and fonts that match the overall theme and tone of your event.


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