Signature Collect

The Easiest and Convenient way to collect your class or group signatures online for your next shirt design.  No more collecting signatures on a paper template.

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Send invites (email or link) to your class or group to submit their signatures online.

As the administrator, you will create your collection and send invites to your class or group for their signatures.  You will see all submissions and can edit any that need to be re-signed.  

Signature-Collect Send Invites to collect your group signatures


Visualize how your design will look by selecting a template and arranging your collected signatures.

Select from our pre-set templates and start arranging your collected signatures inside your design.

Signature-Collect Select from pre-set templates


Once your collection has ended and you are happy with your design, then you can download your art file(s) for $9.99

You can download your artwork in high quality formats such as PDF, PNG, and SVG.  These files can be used by any custom printing company.

Signature-Collect Download Your Artwork in Hiqh Quality Formats