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Retro Mania > 270r1

Elementary School T Shirt - Retro Mania - idea-270r1

Believe There is Good > 307b6

Elementary School T Shirt - Believe There is Good - cool-307b6

Sixties Vintage > 769w5

Elementary School T Shirt - Sixties Vintage - clas-769w5

Fifth Grade Signatures > 284f1

Elementary School T Shirt - Fifth Grade Signatures - idea-284f1

Criss Cross Slogan  > 153y4

Elementary School T Shirt - Criss Cross Slogan - desn-153y4

Retro Rainbow > 288r1

Elementary School T Shirt - Retro Rainbow - idea-288r1

Retro BE Slogan > 289r1

Elementary School T Shirt - Retro BE Slogan - idea-289r1

Spirit Spirit Spirit > 294s1

Elementary School T Shirt - Spirit Spirit Spirit - idea-294s1

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Splat Letters > 84s4

Elementary School Spirit Shirts - Splat Letters - cool-84s4

Mascot Spirit > 419m1

Elementary School Spirit Shirts - Mascot Spirit - cool-49m1

Signature Wall > 584s4

Elementary School Spirit Shirts - Signature Wall - cool-584s4

Nassau > 792o5

Elementary School Spirit Shirts - Nassau - clas-792o5

Shades of Summer > 361s9

Elementary School Shirts - Shades of Summer - desn-361s9

Spirit Slogan > 292s1

Elementary School Shirts - Spirit Slogan - idea-292s1

Choose Kindness > 268c1

Elementary School Shirts - Choose Kindness - idea-268c1

Paw World > 217p3

Elementary School Shirts - Paw World - desn-217p3

World People >421w5

Elementary School Shirts - World People - cool-421w5

Vintage > 460a6

Elementary School Shirts - Vintage - clas-460a6

Spirit and Service > 731s4

Elementary School Shirts - Spirit and Service - cool-731s4

Mascot Thing > 265m1

Elementary School Shirts - Mascot Thing - idea-265m1

Field Day Sneakers > 905f9

Elementary School Shirts - Field Day Sneakers - desn-905f9

Sixties Vintage > 769u2

Elementary School Shirts - Sixties Vintage - clas-769u2

Random Words > 268q2

Elementary School Shirts - Random Words - desn-268q2

Emoji Fun > 530e4

Elementary School Shirts - Emoji Fun - cool-530e4

IZA Design has been printing shirts for elementary schools since 1987.  We specialize in creating unique designs for schools.

All our designs can be customized to fit your specific needs for: Field Day, Spirit, Leadership, Class Shirts and more.

Select one of our T-Shirt design templates and specify your changes and an artist will create your design preview.

What can be changed?  All words, school logo, mascot, and colors.  You can even send us your own idea too. 

We'll make this easy!   

We offer FREE shipping and a QUICK 2 week delivery

Sport Seal > 337s4

Elementary Shirts for School - Sport Seal - desn-337s4

Proud Flag > 268p1

Elementary Shirts for School - Proud Flag - idea-286p1

Official Retro School > 285o1

Elementary Shirts for School - Official Retro School - idea-285c1

Colt Pride > 287c1

Elementary Shirts for School - Colt Pride - idea-287c1

Movin On Up > 639m1

Elementary Shirts for School - Movin On Up - cool-639m1

All Star Original > 363a2

Elementary Shirts for School - All Star Original - cool-363a2

Just That Good > 860c5

Elementary T-Shirt Designs - Just That Good - clas-860c5

Gradestock > 668g9

Elementary Shirts for School - Gradestock - clas-668g9

Pawed > 834q3

Elementary Shirts for School - Pawed - clas-834q3

I Heart Vintage > 363a2

Elementary Shirts for School - I Heart Vintage - desn-149j2

Marker > 620q5

Elementary Shirts for School - Marker - clas-620q5

Musica > 131m9

Elementary Shirts for School - Musica - desn-131m9

Link Heart > 88l6

Elementary Shirts for School - Link Heart - logo-88l6

Tiger Terror > 924w9

Elementary Shirts for School - Tiger Terror - clas-924w9

Tiger Eye > 715t1

Elementary Shirts for School - Tiger Eye - desn-715t1

Spirit Tracker > 449s1

Elementary Shirts for School - Spirit Tracker - cool-449s1

Splat > 521u6

Elementary Shirts for School - Splat - clas-521u6

Wild About Learning > 77p2

Elementary Shirts for School - Wild About Learning - idea-77p2

Ignite Your Passion > 269i1

Elementary Shirts for School - Ignite Your Passion - idea-269i1

Got Legacy > 3h5

Elementary Shirts for School - Got Legacy - cool-3h5

Jersey Banner > 823m5

Elementary Shirts for School - Jersey Banner - clas-823m5

Big Letter > 351v5

Elementary Shirts for School - Big Letter - desn-351v5

Punk Rock > 540s2

Elementary Shirts for School - Punk Rock - clas-540s2

My Rainbow > 978m3

Elementary Shirts for School - My Rainbow - desn-978m3

Teacher and Staff inspired ideas

Having your Slogan, Quote, or Statement as your design will boldy display your SPIRIT.  Check out these templates!

Your Words Box > 282y1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Your Words Box - idea-282y1

Believe Achieve Succeed > 23b1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Believe Achieve Success - idea-23b1

Spirit Stripe > 293s1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Spirit Stripe - idea-293s1

Laughter and Wonder > 196l1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Laughter and Wonder - cool-196l1

Elementary Slogan > 267e1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Elementary Slogan - idea-267e1

School House Letters > 354s3

Elementary Teacher Shirts - School House Letters - cool-354s3

World People > 421w1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - World People - cool-421w1

Teacher Words > 290t1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Teacher Words - idea-290t1

Starlite Teacher > 291s1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Starlite Teacher - idea-291s1

World Dial > 250w4

Elementary Teacher Shirts - World Dial - clas-250w4

USA Vintage > 965w6

Elementary Teacher Shirts - USA Vintage - clas-965w6

Staff Words > 422u1

Elementary Teacher Shirts - Staff Words - cool-422u1

Top 16 Most Popular Elementary School Shirt Design Ideas

Most people do not remember their elementary school days.  Of course, we remember the formative moments: The first time you scored a goal, that time you fell on the playground and chipped a tooth, maybe even your first kiss.  But what about the every day stuff?

Don’t you wish you had something that your students or fellow staff members can remember?

T-shirts can serve as a great reminder of all those awesome events during the school year.

Here are 16 of the best Elementary School T-Shirt Designs!

16.  World Dial

For a kid, coming to Elementary School can be scary.  It is the first time that they are away from their babysitter or their parents.  Honestly, pretty sure most people spent their entire Kindergarten year just crying their eyes out.

This design is a great reminder that, not only are we there to learn, we are there to learn about each other.  Not only do we “Explore our world through learning”, but we do it together! Hand in hand!

15.  Ignite Your Passion

This design is perfect to help ignite your student’s passion for learning! With bright colors, a cool font, and some fiery PASSION, this is perfect for all age groups, but especially for staff!  You can tell your students that you care about their education with this cool design on your chest.  It’s a great design to get everyone pumped up, especially before a big school rally. 

14.  Retro Mania

Do you have a part of your building that needs a bit of an upgrade?  This would be the PERFECT fundraiser shirt to get rid of that “throwback” style and come into the modern day. 

It’s a cool, simple, retro logo that will never go out of style.  Plus, you can really get parents to fork over some cash for this. It may take them back to their elementary days. Radical!

13.  Choose Kindness

From a young age, kids know that they need to be kind and good.  It’s up to teachers and staff to make sure they keep that mindset.  Choose Kindness is a slogan that won’t go out of style. 

In Elementary School, amid all of the book learning, we also have to teach our kids how to behave.  This simple, cute design and short slogan will help remind your kids to be good to one another. It is super easy!

12.  Mascot Thing

Yeah, the title may seem a bit vague, but this is right on to help your students feel their individualism. Nothing creates school pride more than feeling like they are a part of something big, something that they truly help make unique.

With a combination of fun and serious fonts, this design can work on many different levels. You can throw your mascot in the center and strut around the school, knowing that you are a part of something big!

11.  Believe There is Good

Students perform random acts of kindness all the time.  They pick up a friend’s books if they drop them, they compliment others (although, this could be because they have no filter), and they do this because they know it is the right thing to do.

This is another simple slogan that helps teach your kids that goodness can come from anywhere, they just have to be the good.  It is a great staff shirt, as well. Teachers, you can lead by example by being the good that your students see every day!

This shirt pairs well with Autism Awareness Month. You can also check out our Autism Awareness specific shirts here!

10.  Fifth Grade Signatures

Imagine for a moment: It is fifth grade. You are holding your yearbook, wearing a brand new t-shirt, looking forward to the new image on the horizon.

Middle School.

Having a shirt filled with your student’s signatures will help them to remember how many people really have their back.  And, when they grow up, it is there to remind them of their friends.

This is a simple design that puts the focus on the important part of growing up.

9.  Your Words Box

A lot of elementary schools teach students about the “Character Counts” pillars.  There are six of them and each one is a trait that is important when building up their character.

This shirt is perfect to emulate that idea.  You can really focus and hone in on what traits you want your students to know and you can promote them with a cool design.

On top of that, the symbol in the bottom corner can help you promote STEM and STEM literacy!

8.  Believe Achieve Succeed

These three words are integral to a child’s upbringing.  Ultimately, all teachers, parents, adults want students to succeed.  In order for them to succeed, they need to believe in themselves.

Another great staff shirt to tell the kids exactly what they need to hear: “We believe in you, we will help you achieve success".

7.  Proud Flag

What a cool design!  Not only does this inspire school spirit, but also pride in America!  Striking colors, patriotism, your mascot, and a great slogan.

“We Are One” is not only the cornerstone of American ideals, but it is also a great message that students need to hear, especially in this day and age.

It’s a great way to teach kids about school spirit, patriotism, and unity. Perfect for a Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day fundraiser.

6.  Retro Rainbow

Is anyone getting a big Lavarr Burton vibe?  This shirt is the best way to remember what Elementary School is about: GOOD TIMES!

The cool, retro design of this is another one to make parents throw down some cash and help support your school!  It can also be a fun Staff Dress-Up Day and have them all dress in retro fashions if a fundraising incentive is met.

That idea is free, the next one will cost you.

5.  Movin' On Up!

This striking, modern design is a great alternative to the signature design for fifth graders.  You have a group of kids who are ready to move on to the next stage of life, why not send them with a really cool t-shirt and some great memories of their Elementary years.

This design is really cool and somewhat punk inspired.

4.  Retro BE Slogan

This is something that ALL people need to take to heart, but Elementary students are the ones who would benefit from this the most.  In Elementary, these kids are just starting to find themselves, find out who they are.

They need to have the courage to really come into their own amazing self!  It is also a colorful design that really pops out at you.  Almost literally!

3.  Spirit Spirit Spirit

Who has spirit?!  Your students when they wear this cute shirt!  The lettering is sharp and retro inspired.  With a design reminiscent of old cheerleading uniforms, this is sure to inspire your kids to go out and lead the pack! GOOOOOOO TEAM!

2.  Teacher Words

Teachers put up with a lot.  They really get the short end of the stick.  They literally hold the future in their hands.  Of course, teachers love what they do and they tend to do it really well!  This cute acrostic is just a small portion of what a teacher is to a student.

Teachers are so important to a child’s growth, so show your staff that you care with this great shirt!  Thank you to all the teachers out there!

1.  Emoji Fun

No frowny faces here! Emojis are everywhere these days.  They even have their own movie!  Now, you can put them on your shirt with this great design.  Your students will feel happy, cool, silly, and overjoyed thanks to this shirt and its wacky font.

Now, you are probably wondering, “What?! I have to buy a Badger themed shirt?! I really liked that design!”  Fear not!  Each style is able to be customized to fit your school’s needs.  Want your school’s logo? Easy.  Mascot?  Even easier!

These shirts are guaranteed to amaze and will make your school spirit shine bright!

These are some of the more popular designs, but there are so many more to choose from! Poke around and see what you can find.

Which of these is your favorite logo?


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5 most popular spirit garment styles

Here are 5 of our most popular shirt styles.

5 most popular spirt shirt styles



Classic T-Shirt by Gildan

This classic heavyweight T has been our most popular shirt for over a decade. 

Gildan classic T-shirt



Favorite Hoodie by Gildan

This 'Go-to' comfy hoodie is a must as part of your spirit apparel program.

Favorite Hoodie by Gildan



3/4 Sleeve Baseball Raglan T by Sport-Tek

Not just for baseball.  The sleeves in this style comes in many team colors.  Great choice for your team spirit!

3/4 sleeve baseball raglan t by Sport-Tek



Super Soft T by Bella Canvas

Everyone likes SOFT shirts.  This style comes in many colors and will look great with your printed design. 

Super Soft T by Bella Canvas



Classic Long Sleeve T by Gildan

Same heavyweight material as our Classic T plus you can add your team or club name down the sleeve.

Classic Long Sleeve T by Gildan




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