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Cool Class Script > 315c7

Student Council Shirts - Cool Class Script - idea-315c7

Dang > 289d2

Student Council Shirts - Dang - desn-289d2

Undisputed > 662u2

Student Council Shirts - Undisputed - desn-662u2

Big Letter > 351z9

Student Council Shirts - Big Letter - desn-351z9

Council Member  > 919c3

Student Council Shirts - Council Member - desn-919c3

Big Letter > 351f7

Student Council Shirts - Big Letter - desn-351f7

Superscript > 124a1

Student Council Shirts - Superscript - clas-124a1

Disco-Rama > 126e9

Student Council Shirts - Disco-Rama - desn-126e9

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Acid Wash > 524g5

Student Council Shirts - Acid Wash - clas-524g5

Pacific Wave > 3r3

Student Council Shirts - Pacific Wave - desn-3r3

Nassau > 792g8

Student Council Shirts - Nassau - clas-792g8

Nassau > 792o5

Student Council Shirts - Harvard - desn-54v6

All Star Leader > 327b7

Student Council Shirts - All Star Leader - desn-327b7

Span > 525v1

Student Council Shirts - Span - clas-525v1

StuCo Emblem > 915s1

Elementary School Shirts - Choose Kindness - idea-268c1

Student Council Note > 912s6

Student Council Shirts - Student Council Note - desn-912s6

Run >544r1

Student Council Shirts - Run - clas-544r1

Scripture > 699s7

Student Council Shirts - Scripture - clas-699s7

Presidential > 907p1

Elementary School Shirts - Spirit Circle - idea-395s1

Mascot Phys Ed > 829q9

Student Council Shirts - Mascot Phys Ed - clas-829q9

Class Decal > 762f4

Student Council Shirts - Class Decal - desn-762f4

Challenge > 7l2

Student Council Shirts - Challenge - lead-7l2

I Heart Vintage > 149j2

Student Council Shirts - I Heart Vintage - desn-149j2

Keep Calm > 613k1

Student Council Shirts - Keep Calm - desn-613k1

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Detroit Rock City > 889h6

Student Council Shirts - Detroit Rock City - clas-889h6

Retro Script > 534b5

Student Council Shirts - Retro Script - clas-534b5

Vintage Council > 920v1

Student Council Shirts - Vintage Council - desn-920v1

Student Club > 935s8

Student Council Shirts - Student Club - desn-935s8

Thumbs Up > 918t4

Student Council Shirts - Thumbs Up - desn-918t4

Sleet > 917s1

Student Council Shirts - Sleet - desn-317s1

United Globe > 665u2

Student Council Shirts - United Globe - clas-665u2

Renaissance Classic > 264e4

Student Council Shirts - Renaissance Classic - clas-264e4

Council Branding > 916c7

Student Council Shirts - Council Branding- desn-916c7

Sketch Up > 171s1

Student Council Shirts - Sketch Up - desn-171s1

Sport Seal > 237s6

Student Council Shirts - Sport Seal - desn-337s6

Scripture > 699v3

Student Council Shirts - Scripture - clas-699v3

Leadership Globe > 914l2

Student Council Shirts - Leadership Globe- desn-914l2

You Will Succeed > 859y3

Student Council Shirts - You Will Succeed - clas-859y3

Statement > 787v9

Student Council Shirts - Statement - clas-787v9

HOSA Flames > 204h4

Student Council Shirts - HOSA Flames - idea-204h4

Light Your Path > 699l1

Student Council Shirts - Light Your Path - cool-699l1

Article > 794c5

Student Council Shirts - Article - clas-794c5

Vintage Slogan > 747w2

Student Council Shirts - Vintage Slogan - clas-747w2

Life Slogans > 634l9

Student Council Shirts - Life Slogans - desn-634l9

Just That Good > 860x9

Student Council Shirts - Just That Good - clas-860x9

Dang > 289f6

Student Council Shirts - Dang - desn-289f6

Royal Line > 725u3

Student Council Shirts - Royal Line - clas-725u3

Flambeau > 376o5

Student Council Shirts - Flambeau - clas-376o5

Student Council QUOTE Designs

No better way to get your point across than with a quote. Check out these templates!

Excellence is not an act > 863e1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Excellence is not an act - clas-863e1

New Beginning Slogan > 667n1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - New Beginning Slogan - cool-667n1

Dedication > 913d1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Dedication - desn-913d1

3D Slogan > 775e5

Student Council Shirt Quotes - 3D Slogan - clas-775e5

Purpose of Leadership > 818p1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Purpose of Leadership - cool-818p1

Life Slogans > 634m1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Life Slogans - desn-634m1

Just That Good > 860z6

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Just That Good - clas-860z6

The Limits of the Possible > 867l1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - The Limits of the Possible - clas-867l1

Change The Future > 620c1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Change The Future - idea-620c1

Action Up > 617a1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Action Up - idea-620c1

Step Up Take Action > 619s1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Step Up Take Action - idea-619s1

Good Leader > 618g1

Student Council Shirt Quotes - Good Leader - idea-618g1

Top 15 Popular Student Council Design Ideas

Student Council is not only a great resume and college application builder, but it is also a great place to make new friends and actually create change in your school. Unfortunately, creating that change needs quite a bit of a different kind of change.

Student Council shirts are a great way to raise funds for your next event, donation, or any other reason you may need it! Here are the top fifteen most popular student council shirt design ideas for your next great fundraiser.

15.  Some People Dream of Success

This design really distills the essence of what it takes to be a student council member. Most of the time, your student council is full of kids who will work hard to get the job done, no matter the time of day.

While they may dream of a successful future, they put in the work and get it for themselves. The design of this student council shirt is pretty low key, but this (and all of our designs) can be customized to fit your school colors and name. 

14.  A Good Leader...

School is all about teaching kids how to be good leaders. Education as a whole shows them that, even if you have good grades or a bunch of friends, if you aren’t doing the right thing, you aren’t leading in the best way.

If your student council are leading their friends and fellow students into a bright educational future, why not have a shirt that says how they got there. By doing the right thing for everyone.

13.  Change the Future

The future is terrifying and Gen Z is well aware of that fact. Just take a look at the trending pages on Twitter and TikTok to see that. However, your student council is part of the generation that wants to change the future of not only their school, but the world.

Gen Z is more motivated to make change that reaches out past their lifespans and into the future than any generation before that. Through student activism, we are seeing barriers being broken down in many different ways. Help them recognize their potential for change with this shirt design.

12.  Dang it Feels Good

We all know it feels good to be a gangsta. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. Not only is it an incredible and long standing bop of a track, but it is a bop that is ripe for parody!

This is a fun student council shirt design that shows off how not lame it is to be in student council. Well, at least a little less lame. I mean, who are the ones that plan the school dances? The Council! They aren’t lame!!

11.  Dedication to Leadership

Leadership qualities aren’t static. Like most soft skills, your students have to keep working on them throughout their life. People change and so does the definition of what it means to be a leader.

Your student council is already showing a dedication to leadership by stepping up and helping the school. Getting this student council shirt will put words to fabric that show exactly how they feel about their position as leaders.

10.  It's Kind of Fun to Do the Impossible

If you have ever tried to plan a large event, something with hundreds of people involved either attending or working who all need something to keep them occupied, it may seem like an impossible task. However, when it is all said and done and you’ve put on a successful and fun event, it is one of the best feelings.

Your student council will most likely have to plan at least one of these events each year. Whether it is a carnival, a blood drive, or prom, they will get to experience the rush of doing the impossible. Get this student council shirt design to celebrate throwing incredible events all year long.

9.  Challenge Thyself

Kids learn how to lead by watching those around them. A lot of times, kids model their leadership styles after coaches or teachers who have helped them along the way.

However, it can make them feel a bit dorky if they start acting like their favorite teacher. Having this design on your student council shirts will help other students see what it means to be a leader. They can follow the path that their own peers set in front of them!

8.  Be the Change

What can we say that hasn’t already been said about this quote? The best way to make change is by inspiring others through your own actions. Students who see other students doing the right thing will also want to do the right thing.

With how motivated Gen Z is to make long lasting change, this student council shirt is sure to make a point! Also, the design itself is sick. There are lots of soft colors behind the globe that make you want to be at peace with the world around you.

7.  Ignite Your Passion

High school is a good time to find out what you are good at. For some, that’s some sort of sport. For others, it may be theatre or drama. Whatever their passion may be, they should be reminded to pursue it to the fullest degree.

That’s why the word “passion” is on fire. Anyway, not only would this be a great student council shirt, but it would also make a good compliment to any Homecoming events your school may be having. 

6.  Service, Lead, Inspire

We all want some sort of recognition in life, even if you are doing things for altruistic reasons. Your student council should take pride in the things they do and they should be recognized with this design. These students are your student leaders, they try to make the biggest impact they can on their classmates. These kids work hard to make sure their school is one of the best so they can help shape the next generation of leaders.

5.  Ideas

We have all had some great ideas that pop into our heads. Something that, if you only had the follow-through, would be life-changing, epic, incredible! We can all think about big plans, but it takes a certain kind of person to actually make them happen.

Your student council is full of those kinds of people. They take the initiative to come up with the idea, plan it, and execute it. If you have a really good group, they hardly need any help from the adults! You can just put on this shirt and leave them to their own devices. You know it’ll be good!

4.  New Beginning

High school is probably the first big life change that students face. Especially if a student is graduating that year. They move out on their own, away from a pre-set schedule, and are pretty much flying solo for the first time ever. Being in the student council will help your students get ready for this big change.

It will make everything a little less scary because they will have gained real life skills. Putting on this student council shirt is a good way to help them remember that change is not as scary as it seems because it can lead to a beautiful new start.

3.  Be About It

A wise man once said: “I keep my mind on my money, money on my mind.” Mr. Pac has spoken a lot of true words, but these are ones that are very applicable to student council kids. They need to be the group that is looking ahead, putting their mind to their goal, and are actively reaching for it. They do not just while away the day, talking about their dreams.

They are out there doing it, changing their lives and the lives of those around them. This student council shirt will inspire them and others to not put their goals on hold and to get that bag.

2.  We Are A...

You know what’s even better than an acronym? An acronym that is made out of an abbreviation! Student council, or StuCo, is a great organization to join in any school. They are a governmental body that works together to make changes in their schools.

A great StuCo will work tirelessly in order to have those changes happen. The design on this student council shirt even reflects how hard working the group should be. They have worked so hard that even the letters on the shirt are starting to wear off!

1.  We Got This

Your student council shirts should reflect the attitude of your students. That’s why this shirt is our number one choice. High schoolers are motivated, strong, and bullheaded in the best way. They have their beliefs and it is hard to shake them, especially if you are dealing with a student leader. They don’t just think they can take care of things. They know it. They got this!

This is just a sampling of all of our great student council shirt designs. We have tons available for purchase and they can be customized to fit your school’s needs! We look forward to hearing from you!



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