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Tri-Lane Swimming > 920t1

Swim Team Shirt - Tri-Lane Swimming - idea-920t1

We Ar the Future > 493w9

Swim Team Shirt - We Are The Future - desn-493w9

Varsity Goggles > 922v1

Swim Team Shirt -Varsity Goggles - cool-922v1

Wave Pool > 461x9

Swim Team Shirt - Wave Pool - clas-461x9

Championship Swim  > 933c1

Swim Team Shirt - Championship Swim - cool-933c1

New Vintage > 519t3

Swim Team Shirt - New Vintage - desn-519t3

Tribal Swim > 934t1

Swim Team Shirt - Tribal Swim - cool-934t1

Collegiate Swimming > 778c1

Swim Team Shirt - Collegiate Swimming - cool-778c1

American Swim and Dive > 932a1

Swim Team Shirt - American Swim and Dive - cool-932a1

Certified > 355d1

Swim Team Shirt -  Certified - desn-355d1

No Excuses Emblem > 430n5

Swim Team Shirt No Excuses Emblem - cool-430n5

Harvard > 54r2

Swim Team Shirt - Harvard- desn-54r2

Capital Sport > 825c3

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Capital Sport - cool-825c3

Dominant Stroke > 930d1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Dominant Stroke - cool-930d1

Swimming Stripes > 921s1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Swimming Stripes - cool-921s1

Swim Team Classic > 923s1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Swim Team Classic - cool-923s1

Varsity Wave > 928v1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Varsity Wave - cool-928v1

Swimming Crest > 926s1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Swimming Crest - cool-926s1

Shockwave > 187t1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas -Shockwave - clas-187t1

Super State > 815s3

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Super State - cool-815s3

Water Tribe > 276w4

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Water Tribe - desn-276w4

Banner State Swimming > 935b1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Banner State Swimming - cool-935b1

Breaker > 126e1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - Breaker - clas-126e1

All American Swimming > 929a1

Swim Team Shirt Ideas - All American Swimming - cool-929a1

Water Medallion > 109w8

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Water Medallion - desn-109w8

Speedway > 495v4

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Speedway - desn-495v4

Aloha Athletics > 831e9

Swimming T-Shirt Design - Aloha Athletics - clas-831e9

Collegiate Lane Stripe > 925c1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Collegiate Lane Stripe - cool-925c1

New Vintage > 519t2

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - New Vintage - desn-519t2

Royal Swim Logo > 924r1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Royal Swim Logo - cool-924r1

Jersey Banner > 823l2

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Jersey Banner - clas-823l2

Swimmers Do More > 931s1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Swimmers Do More - cool-931s1

Sunset Swim Team > 146s1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Sunset Swim Team - idea-146s1

Chlorine Slogan > 147c1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Chlorine Slogan - idea-147c1

Wave Stream > 155w1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Wave Stream - idea-155w1

Fueled By Chlorine > 148f1

Swiming T-Shirt Designs - Fueled By Chlorine - idea-148f1

Aquatic Circle> 160a1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Aquatic Circle - idea-160a1

State Flag > 241s4

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - State Flag - cool-241s4

Vintage Collegiate > 164v1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Vintage Collegiate - idea-164v1

Swim Puzzle > 161s1

Swimming T-Shirt Designs - Swim Puzle - idea-161s1

Since 1987, IZA Design has been providing schools, teams, and clubs with their SWIM TEAM SHIRTS and SWEATSHIRTS.  Start by customizing one of our 52 NEW designs.  An IZA artist can help make the necessary changes.  If you have your own idea, then we can work with that too.  We offer FREE shipping and a QUICK 2 week delivery.

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Swim Team Sweatshirts

Retro Swim and Dive > 156r1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Retro Swim and Dive - idea-156r1

Star Tech > 290t6

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Star Tech - desn-290t6

Wave Team > 166w1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Wave Team - idea-166w1

Swimming Mark > 157s1

Senior Class Signature Template - Rumble Sig - desn-600s7

Letter Wave Logo > 154l1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Letter Wave Logo - idea-154l1

A-Team Collegiate > 149a1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - A-Team Collegiate - idea-149a1

Water Swim Logo > 163w1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Water Swim Logo - idea-163w1

State Swim Team > 162s1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - State Swim Team - idea-162s1

Capital Swim Team > 159c1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Capital Swim Team - idea-159c1

Official Swim and Dive > 158o1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Official Swim and Dive - idea-158o1

Splash Team > 165s1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Splash Team - idea-165s1

Water Wave Emblem > 167w1

Swim Team Sweatshirts - Water Wave Emblem - idea-167w1

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Top 16 Swim Team Shirt Designs

Swim season is here, and it is a sport that matters more than any other sport. It’s a great way to learn some important life lessons such as teamwork, time management, patience, and dedication. Everyone should try swimming at some point in their lives to earn a respect for the water, even if it’s just splashing around in the pool. However, for someone who wants to become one with the chlorine, then swim teams are the way to go. Almost every school has a swim team. Even schools that don’t have their own swimming pool have a swim team. They just go to local community recreation centers and swim there. If your school has a swim team, then it’s members are just as much athletes as basketball players or football players. That means they have to pick out a sweet logo for their shirt designs. Let’s take a look at the top 16 swim team shirt designs.

16.  Aquatic Splash

If you’re going to be hanging around a pool a lot, then the normal color to go with is white as the base shirt. That means you’re going to need dark imposing colors as the logo on your shirt designs. Aquatic Splash gives off a black and red vibe against blotched paintwork. Long story short, it’s pretty intimidating and it’s something that other swim teams will fear when you walk in.

15.  Wave Pool

It’s time to go a little retro. Swim teams were a thing of old movies based during a time when there wasn’t any internet to distract us from the real world. This logo looks more like something you would see at a surf shop, so it’s a great homage to those who love water. You’ll have the initials of your team at the top right, the word swimming on the wave, and your team’s year on the bottom left.

14.  Championship Swim

Modern swim teams require modern looks and there’s nothing like a circular logo to achieve a level of sleek you’d only see in modern designs. Right in the middle of a logo is a swimmer splashing out of the water as if they’re swimming at the logo itself. The upper arc will be the name of your school and the mascot name. The bottom arc will have the word swim team and the words state swim champions. On either side of the swimmer’s arms is the year you attended.

13.  Collegiate Lane Stripe

Everybody knows what lane stripes are. Even professional swimmers hit them from time to time. They’re meant to keep you in your lane. Of course, since they’re something everyone knows, then they’re something you should put on a logo. Wrap your school’s name around it and you have something everyone fears.

12.  Tribal Swim

Tribal tattoos are all the rage among surfers. Why not bring that same energy to a swim team logo? Don’t listen to beach elitists who don’t think you can’t hang just because you prefer chlorine over swimming with the sharks. Have blue flames surround the name of your swim team with this shirt design that would look killer on sweatshirts.

11.  Varsity Wave

Speaking of looking killer on sweatshirts, you would really look cool with a retro logo that looks a bit washed. That’s intentional though. There’s nothing cooler than having your school or college name on top of the swim and dive team with your mascot flowing in the wave. There really is nothing cooler.

10.  Shockwave

Speaking of looking cool, why not have the name of your school and team name splashed right into someone’s face with a shockwave? Yes, it’s go time for your swim and dive team and it’s time any opposing schools know it. Plus, it looks great on any shirt.

9.  Varsity Goggles

You can go with any shirts designs, but if you want to be serious, and I mean, extra serious, then you’ll want to put a pair of swimming goggles on a varsity letter. The color scheme is that of a college-level sports team and while it may look basic, sometimes you just need to go with what works. You’ll find the year of your team on the varsity letter itself with the team name right under it.

8.  Swimming Crest

If you’re going to show off the fact that you’re a swimmer, then why not put a swimmer on the logo itself for your shirt designs? Swimmer Crest design has the initials of your school at the top with your mascot atop freestyle swimmer. The color scheme of dark blue and red would look pretty cool on a white shirt or hoody.

7.  Tri-Lane Swimming

If you thought one lane divider was intimidating, then imagine having three on your shirt designs. What’s worse is the swimmer from the earlier logo is freestyle swimming between three-lane dividers and they’re trapped for eternity. That would should any opposing swim teams that you mean business.

6.  No Excuses Emblem

No excuses indeed. This is a cool stamp logo that looks like someone just stamped the name of your school and the word “No Excuses” on top of a pair of goggles and made it looked washed. It’s like the end of a cool television show where a guy just heavy hands a stamp down on a piece of paper and just yells out “NO EXCUSES!” That means no excuses, but you still need to keep your grades up to participate on the team, so maybe that is a legitimate excuse.

5.  Fueled By Chlorine

This one is an interesting choice because you definitely don’t want to be fueled by chlorine. Chlorine is nice and all, but you just don’t want to drink it. Fortunately, you don’t live in chlorine water, so having some chlorine is fine. However, you’ll really make a buzz around your school as someone so cool while you’re sporting the “fueled by chlorine” design on your t-shirts or swim hoodys. Now does a basketball team do that? No, I don’t think so.

4.  Swim Words

Putting your school’s logo inside of a logo is pretty meta. If you really want to stand out then you want to go full Inception with your logo. Your school’s logo or crest will sit in the middle of a bunch of words that you can customize. The words can be your team name. The words can be your school’s initials. The words can be the year you participated with that team. It can honestly be whatever you want because it’s a logo that looks great on a sweatshirt or a hoody. Just make sure it’s a darker colored sweatshirt so that people can read the bright colors of the words.

3.  Water Medallion

If you’re on the swim team, then you’re on a team of stars. Why not have a logo that looks like your team’s name is lifting off into the stars as you did when you helped take your school’s swim and dive team to state. It even has a little swimming logo that looks like the guy from the pedestrian signs finally decided to take a break and go swimming. That’s not as lame as that sounds, because it actually looks pretty decent. It’s like the seatbelt sign on an airplane decided to take a vacation to the Bahamas.

2.  State Flag

If you want to be patriotic and I mean really patriotic, then you’ll want to have the freaking American Flag on your sweatshirt or t-shirts, with the state where you attended school or college, and why not throw some patriotic quotes on there too? This would look pretty sweet on a darker color sweatshirt. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of winning,” we’re pretty sure that isn’t the exact quote, but if our founding fathers wanted you to win, then they would not be rolling around in their graves. You can have the name of your school’s swim and dive team right under the American flag, or you can just add more patriotic quotes down there. Whatever you want to do to show that you are an American who can swim.

1.  Chlorine The Breakfast of Champions

What is with people wanting to be fueled by or consume chlorine? The department of health itself tells you that you shouldn’t drink it. It’s a cleaning agent. It’s used to clean the water. It makes the water nice and clean, but it’s definitely not a sports drink. We’re sure this logo will make you look cool among your peers who will respect that you’re a super clean champion.


Hopefully, your school or college’s swim and dive team will appreciate one of these cool logos that you can use to adorn any t-shirt, hoody or sweatshirt.


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